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There is nothing more fulfilling for a crocheter than to be able to help those in need. There is so much you can do for people in your community just with a hook and a bit of yarn. Start your own crochet group to crochet for a good cause. Look for needs in your community. Do you live in a large city where there are many homeless on the street? Are you close to a pro-life center that could use infant clothing and baby blankets? Try making simple caps for cancer patients at a hospital, or lap afghans for people at a nursing home. There are so many opportunities to help those around with crochet. Let your crochet talent be more than an art or a useful craft. Let it be a blessing!

Here is a list of great charities and causes worth crocheting for!

Warm Up America:

Infants Remembered in Silence:

Algerian Action:

Blankets for Deployed Daddies:

Blankets for the Gulf:

Care Wear Volunteers:

Crochet 2 Hugs:

Stitches from the Heart:

Angels for Hope:


Artists Helping Children:

Sparkles Crochet:

Project Hope:

Project Linus:

Operation Bundles of Joy:

Operation Heartwarming:

Snuggles Project:

Newborns in Need:

Caps for Kids:

Country Santa:

Crochet Cabana:


Blankets for Canada Society:

Brimming with Love: