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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just For Fun

Where I work ;-)
Sneak Peek of Christmas doll dress, in the works! ;-)

Lacy Shell Doll Dress

Here's my big "ta-da!" for the week. The doll dress! I stayed up till 3 in the morning last night making this one, and my finger is sore and being iced right now from so much work. But its worth it! This dress has been immensely popular over the past few months, and you can find it below in my ravelry shop. Enjoy!

Vannah modeling the dress for me;-)
And of course, the Fat Cat couldn't stay out of the picture!

Doll Skirts

Moving on from baby things, I found a couple patterns for doll clothes and used them to fashion my own. Here are a couple of doll skirts I made the other day. I really like them! I guess they were kind of my "warm up" for the doll dress. They fit an 18" American Girl doll.

Baby Booties

All hail Bernat patterns. ;-) Cute booties and really easy to make.  Found the pattern on Bernat website. Check it out here. .

Baby Tube Socks

Easy pattern for baby tube socks, thanks to Kathy Wishnie. I love this pattern and I made a good dozen or so of these once I learned how. For the pattern, go to . Fits 3-6 month old.

Baby things: newborn caps

Lots of my friends have been having babies lately, so I decided to gear up on the baby stuff! Here are somme newborn hats...they took maybe five minutes to easy...

(Sleepless) Scrapbook Scarf

Made this scarf one night when I couldn't sleep. It was easy and fun and I used old scraps of yarn I had in a box in my closet. I should have sleepless nights more often!

Princess Purse

This week is Selah's birthday and she'll be four! I always remember her birthday because its four days before mine. I made her a cute little princess purse to give to her on Sunday. Its just regular pink yarn with two rows of fun fur on top!

Cute hats ;-)

Go ahead, call me Little Miss Crochet Queen! What was once my bare inventory a few short months ago has now overflowed into three full boxes of crocheted goodies. To say the least, I've been busy! I'm getting ready for the Fall and hope to sell at some craft fairs soon. Also working on getting an Etsy account, so look for me shortly!

Here's some of what I've been up to. I love a good hat and I decided to make a few really snazzy ones to jazz up my winter hat inventory. Check out what I've got!

(Btw, the purple and the black hats are made with this amazingly soft yarn that you could just die on! I wish I knew what kind it was...I found it at a yard sale)

For pattern, check out my adult hat pattern on this blog!