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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Appreciating Crochet in the Closet

The other day, I noticed I have lots of things in my closet that I wear without even thinking about how beautifully crocheted they are! Here are some things I found in my closet that are crocheted that I just LOVE.

This one is so beautiful and detailed!

This has a dainty, web-like nature to it. The body is crochet, but the base and sleeves are cabled and knitted.

I wear this all the time, and never stopped to appreciate the fancy shell patterns at the base!

So fine and detailed, I can barely see the stitches.
Found this in the under-bed storage. My mom made this when she was a little girl. Its a beautiful variation of the brick stitch, and has a lot of hard work and pride attached to it. ;-)
Whats crocheted in your closet? Please comment!

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