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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Great Return of Tennyemaye (and other news)

Guess what. I'm back.

Well, well, Tennyemaye... that's what you're thinking. Where have you been for oh so long?
And it really has been that long.

Last time you saw me, I was a wide-eyed high-school senior, ready to face the world with nothing more than a fat cat and a crochet hook. Well, times have changed. I am about to enter my junior year of college (Early Childhood Education, with a minor in Spanish, in case anyone cared to know...) I am older and wiser, but Vivi the cat is still here and still very much in love with yarn. Unfortunately, so am I. The gears are turning, and my fingers are itching for a crochet hook.  I am back, my friends. And this time, it's for good.

Thank you for all the love this site has received on a daily basis, even when I was gone, off being studious. It cannot and will not continue without your inspiration, your ideas, your support, and your love for crochet.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I have ideas and I need testers. If you have yarn and time to spare, shoot me an email at tennyemaye@gmail,com and be a tester for me. If you emailed me before, just do it again, please, for the sake of my dusty brain.

IN OTHER NEWS: What would you like to see here? What types of patterns/tips can I make for you? Leave a comment and tell me what you are thinking and dreaming about. This is a group effort, people. :)

Thanks for your love! You will be seeing much more of me in the days to come.

As always,


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