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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Okay, you gotta stop and stare at this one. While sorting through some patterns, I found one for a portable tic-tac-toe I made it today, and my sister and I love it! Its fun to play, and its absolutely a beautiful piece. Fun for a gift...or for a long trip.
Find the pattern here:

And you have to love the dandy little pocket for the the pieces, so they don't get lost!

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  1. i made this a couple of months ago! except i deviated from the pattern a bit. i crocheted the two big squares all the way around, instead of leaving it open. and then i crocheted two small pockets on the back - one for "x"s and one for "o"s. i gave it to my little sister, and she loved it. i had a blast making it too.