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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wintry Patterns, anyone?

Sooo...I've got a few small ideas for wintry pattern to write for this year. I've concocted some ideas not only for myself but for Christmas gifts for family and friends too. I would love some more ideas.

What Christmas/Winter patterns would you like to see here this season?

Please comment!


  1. I just finished all my Halloween stuff and am working my way through Pilgrims and Turkeys. I am still looking for some fun stuff for Christmas. I have some cute snowmen to try, there seem to be an abudance of them. As far as your doll patterns, what will she be dressed as for Christmas?

  2. big, chunky snowflakes! maybe a FOOT in diameter!

    a big throw rug of some sturdy luscious yarn (something that feels like cashmere but is strong like twine!) if there is such a thing.

    a pointsetta that looks like a pointsetta.

    doll clothes always welcome!