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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Center-Pull Skein Part 1 of 2: Make Your Own

You love to crochet. And you love your yarn! But face it, yarn can be downright FRUSTRATING. Most yarn in the stores are sold in long cylinder-shaped skeins that are bulky and get tangled at the end. This may lead you to wind your yarn into balls before use, which is equally annoying when they roll all over the place.

This is where the SUPER MAN of a crocheter's heart comes to save the day: and its in the form of the center-pull skein. Learn the easy way to wrap your yarn into a tidy little ball that wont roll everywhere because it pulls from the center, not the outside. Just follow these simple steps below.

1. Start by wrapping the yarn in a figure eight around your thumb and forefinger. Make sure you hold on to the beginning peice with the rest of your fingers, as shown.

2. Continue wrapping until the bulk of the yarn reaches to about the midsection of your forefinger.

3. Slide the yarn down your fingers and hold the two sections together. Make sure you are still keeping track of your strand of yarn and that you have your thumb in the hole where it is coming from.

4. Holding the strand, with your thumb still in the hole, begin to wrap your yarn around in a ball.

5. Eventually, as you ball gets bigger, it can get tiresome keeping your thumb in the hole and holding on to your strand. You can solve this by sticking a pen or a highlighter in it and tucking the strand into the clip.

 6.  When you are finished winding all the yarn, congratulations! You now have a nice center-pull skein of yarn!

Any questions? Please comment!

Want more fun tips on how to keep your center-pull skeins organized and travel-friendly? Be sure to check back for Center- Pull Skeins part 2.


  1. That is so awesome! You don't have to buy anything to help you-- just use your fingers! That's ingenious. Did you come up with that yourself? :)

  2. I know! I wish this was my idea, but someone taught me how long ago, and I'm glad they did! This is so useful to know, and saves me a lot of frustration! :P

  3. Brilliant! I went and fixed all my balls of yarn after seeing this =)

  4. Muy lindo su blog!Saludos Celia